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Martedì 10 Agosto 2010 20:34


Grande commento!

Imagine putting this down in front of any group of teachers anywhere in the world and asking them to edit it, to improve it, to make it relevant to them. The ensuing dogfight would be fun to watch, and even more fun to engage with!

But any such differences of opinion would not really matter, because this 13-point manifesto is simply brilliant. The detail, in a sense, is less important than the underlying commitment to the learner; less important than the pervasive distaste evident in the manifesto for all the bureaucratic bullshit that permeates the vast majority of the outpourings from government, both central and local, on education; and much less important than the core message, which is that teachers need to rise up from their submissive seats and tell the sundry politicians, apparatchiks, self-styled gurus and arid academics to f**k off and let them get on with what they do best.